Mini Madness (Xbox One) Review with stream

Inspired by classic Micro Machines titles, Mini Madness is a remote controlled car racing game that places players in oversized environments to provide a weak illusion of driving as a tiny vehicle. The bland visual presentation is the least of this game’s problems as the track design and progression system makes the game virtually unplayable.

To demonstrate the poor quality of this digital release, I encourage you to check out my stream embedded below. Although it might start as a typical racer experience, everything starts to quickly fall apart as I am unable to complete the very first track through no fault of my own.

The track design is so awful it seems this game was not play tested at all. As you can see from my stream, the track design does not indicate where to go. Since the environments can be rather large and based on verticality, this is a massive problem since there is no clear direction. Making matters worse, if you fall off the stage, the game doesn’t instantly respawn you and automatically point you in the correct direction. There was a time I fell off the stage and got stuck in a box with no chance to escape, forcing a full restart.

Stupidly, when playing the race mode, there are no weapons or items. However, when playing the Time Trial mode, the player has access to weapons but no one to shoot. The game tries to be “extreme” by implementing a trick system to increase boost power, but the physics are so floaty just staying near the track is a feat unto itself. There is also no detail in the visuals making this look like an early N64 game at best.

This game has such poor quality, I couldn’t help but crack up towards the end of my stream. Unless you want a good chuckle for all the wrong reasons, go play Mario Kart or even Garfield Kart, instead.

SCORE: 2/10

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Not As Good As: any Micro Machines game  
Wait For It: the next Crash Drive

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz
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