Metal Gear Solid (GBC, 2000) 2p Link Cable VS BATTLE MODE – ENABLE THE LINK CABLE

Metal Gear Solid (also called Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel in other territories) is the best game on Nintendo’s Gameboy Color (GBC).

It has an awesome campaign, mixes the 2D MSX games with the 3D gameplay elements of later titles, and is just an awesome demake of Metal Gear Solid (PSOne). Players were also treated to tons of extra content including a Sound Test, Bonus stages, and dozens of VR Missions.

However, there is one feature in this stellar game that went underappreciated and never played – the 2-player VS Battle Link Cable feature!

This video explores this forgotten multiplayer mode and why it is worth a look. Hint* each player has their own screen otherwise this hide-and-seek game just wouldn’t work right.

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