Little Kong: Jungle Fun (Switch) Review

Little Kong: Jungle Fun is a very simple auto-runner without any replayability. Sure, there is a local high score table that monitors the top 5 scores and the stage design changes slightly with each run, but it is a mindless one-button experience marred with technical issues.

Playing as a gorilla with a bouncing hat, it is your job to run to the right, collect a bunch of fruit in to increase your score, and not touch any hazards. Unfortunately, the play control is unresponsive as going into the rolling animation takes time and you’ll often bump into a game ending ledge through no fault of the player. Jumping is also a little weird as the leap is rather restrictive, making it difficult to jump over some static objects. There is an attempt to spice up the gameplay by adding special abilities but they wind up just making the control scheme more awkward since they don’t really do anything great for the player.

The boring gameplay just isn’t any fun and there is no reward for the player. Making matters worse, there are load times and they are very long. For a game with such basic visuals and barely any animation, why is there so much loading? Further, the game stutters badly, skipping seconds at a time. For a game that demands speed and accuracy, the frame skipping is inexcusable and makes the game borderline unplayable.  

Little Kong: Jungle Fun with its budget price, technical issues, and lack of fun feels like a first semester final exam from students in a game design class. It is a solid first step and it is a working prototype but now let’s use the next semester to actually make a game out of it.

SCORE: 3/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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