Kid Ball Adventure (Xbox One) Review with stream

A wholesome platforming adventure designed around casual play and undemanding skill, Kid Ball Adventure is sort of like Meat Boy only with a simple and nonviolent presentation. The difficulty is also nowhere near as high making this a simple game almost anyone can play and causally enjoy.

The gimmick with this single screened platformer is that the playable character, a colorful ball, is always bouncing.  In fact, the player only needs to use the analog stick to control movement since jumping takes care of itself. Besides surviving typical traps like spikes and basic enemies, the goal is to grab the key to unlock the exit door. Reach the door without dying and be transported to the next stage. Some stages are also repeats of previous stages only with the addition of more challenging hazards.

The presentation couldn’t be any simpler as everything is composed of basic shapes and colors. While it isn’t going to win any awards in the visual department, I appreciate the very modest approach. It is a friendly experience right down to the lenient Achievement point system. Most of the game’s Achievements, which are worth large amounts of Gamerscore, will be unlocked within the first 60 seconds of gameplay.  

A game so simple as this is easy to dismiss by glancing at a single screenshot but do not be fooled. The basic approach and auto-jumping ball is more entertaining than you might think. The stage design is also basic as it doesn’t scroll but the ball’s control is highly accurate and surprisingly satisfying. 

For a $5 game, it is hard to make complaints when the gameplay experience, as casual as it is, is still enjoyable, offers easy Achievements, and progression is well paced as each stage only takes a few seconds to clear. For more serious players, there are a few time trial options available for those that want to test their skill. 

SCORE: 7.5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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