Infini (Switch) Review

A surreal perspective driven puzzler, Infini is easily one of the trippiest games you can ever play.  Caught somewhere between a fever dream and a toxin induced coma, this is an original puzzler that will tease your brain as much as it will creep you out.

This is going to sound really dumb but you control a weird falling mannequin thing with one arm and the goal is to guide him into a portal without touching any obstacles along the way. Outside of controlling the speed of descent, the player can eventually gain powers to zoom the screen. The gimmick, outside of it being super bizarre, is the word-wrap feature of the falling mechanic.  Meaning, if the player falls at the bottom of the screen, they will reappear at the top and fall again in an endless loop. Entering the left side of the screen takes you to that same area on the right side of the screen like the edge of the screen in Pac-Man.  This one wrapping mechanic, mixed with different falling speeding and the zoom, can create some truly dastardly puzzles. Make contact with anything, and the player is greeted with an alien-like sound effect and an instant restart.

There are over 100 stages available with the next one becoming unlocked when you finish the current one. I wish there was a way to have access to everything all at once, as some stages are very difficult and frustration can easily set in, but then the player wouldn’t be introduced to each unlocked ability along the way.  For example, I got stuck for a long time on a stage in world 2. It wasn’t until I realized tapping the zoom button with just the right amount of pressure, while the falling mannequin was at the one end of the screen, could I make the screen border disappear to create a path to the other side. The trial and error gameplay could create some rage quitting moments but there is a sense of accomplishment with every stage completed.

The goofy gameplay matches the super odd visual style and soundtrack.  In other words, the outlandish backgrounds with odd main character is even stranger than all the Tool videos combined. Everything here is weird for the sake of weird. Nothing makes any sense and shock value continues from one stage to the next.  At first, I was off put by everything as it is all creepy and, well, sort of gross. But once you are a dozen stages in, it kind of grows on you unexpectedly.  Having the falling mannequin stare at you with his unanimated face is always unsettling.

Infini is a thinking man’s puzzle game wrapped in the strangest aesthetics you’ve seen in any recent amount of time. I think the developers wanted to make something different and boy did they succeed.  Even if you can look beyond the peculiar visuals and otherworldly soundtrack, there is still a brain teasing puzzle game here that requires thought and skill, a mixture that is rarely seen.

Also available on PC. There is also a free demo available on the Switch eShop.

SCORE: 8/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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