inbento (Switch) Review

From the makers of Castle of Heart, Warplanes WW2 Dogfight, and Golf Peaks, 7Level’s latest creation is a casual puzzler. Inbento has a lot in common with Golf Peaks in that the player needs to reach the end result by taking specific steps to get there. Also, similar to Golf Peaks, this is one of the most relaxing puzzle games available on the Switch eShop.

The goal is to make your bento box look like the picture in the corner of the screen by placing tiles in a dedicated space. Starting small and only with a few pieces, the puzzles slowly ramp up in scope and difficulty. Moving single pieces is easy enough but really starts to tease brains when Tetris-like pieces need to be rotated into place, certain pieces will have to overlap, the size of the box increase, and some pieces are locked into place. Despite some challenge, this gameplay remains casual and stress-free throughout as there is no time limit, no penalty for error, play control is easy as can be, and the un-do button makes going back step-by-step a snap.

Wrapping it altogether, the presentation is just as soft as the gameplay thanks to mild pastel colors and a family aesthetic. Each bento dish is bring prepped by a mother cat for her child’s lunch the next day. The comic panels between each set of levels is heartwarming and really helps make this game what it is even though it has no effect on gameplay. The only thing calmer than the gameplay and presentation is the soundtrack.  The musical quality ties it all together with friendly tunes to create a relaxing tone.

There are dozens of stages to complete but there isn’t much replay value once completed as there are no leaderboards, multiplayer, or time trial options. However, this downloadable puzzle game only costs $5 and provides a couple hours of the most casual family friendly nonviolent puzzle gameplay you can find.

SCORE: 8/10

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Way Less Stressful Than: Tetris 99
Wait For It: 1-vs-100 2

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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