inbento is an upcoming Switch game where you make bento lunches as cats

Complete over 100 fun puzzles, aesthetically served with traditional boiled rice. Immerse yourself in a silent tale about a cute family of felines and enjoy the tranquil soundtrack. Master the mechanics, follow the hand-crafted recipes, and beat all the bonus stages in this culinary logic game. The life of a modern cat can be stressful. Why don’t you PAWS for a second and relax with a few rounds of inbento? (=^ ◡ ^=) inbento is a calming, wordless story about cats and parenthood told through adorable puzzles. Relax, tease your brain, and prepare tasty bento dishes. Arrange them in an elaborate lunchbox while sticking to the recipe shown on screen. INBENTO MAIN FEATURES:
  • Complete over 100 levels with unique pattern-matching gameplay;
  • Experience a soothing, silent tale about cats and parenthood;
  • Enjoy a charming design inspired by Japanese aesthetics and bento cuisine;
  • Beat every stage steadily thanks to a gradually increasing difficulty;
  • Challenge yourself with advanced bonus stages;
  • Listen to a chill, original soundtrack;
  • Have more fun thanks to HD Rumble support!
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