ibb & obb (Switch) Review

Designed specifically for co-op play, ibb & obb is a $15 Nintendo Switch eShop download that is simple, quality fun. Using gravity and creative co-op platforming mechanics, this is the perfect game to play with your significant other or youngster.

It is important to note this is strictly a 2-player experience; there is no single player option whatsoever. Luckily, playing with a partner is easy as can be thanks to thoughtful design. When playing locally, players can use one Switch and split Joy-Cons or can even play across two Switch systems. If locally isn’t an option, online multiplayer is available to Nintendo Switch Online members. Working together is imperative so make sure you buddy up with someone that shares your level of dedication.

Using only the analog stick and one button to jump, gameplay really couldn’t be any simpler but each moment-to-moment platforming puzzle stays fresh throughout the campaign due to quality stage design. Besides jumping, each blob needs to consider gravity and most puzzles involve flipping to the underside of a platform, sort of like a real-time light/dark world approach.  Things that happen on one side can directly modify the other. Enemy’s weak points, for example, are on one side whereas their spikey exterior is on the other. The only way to destroy them is to jump on them from the weak side to kill them on the other. Gravity also plays a role when large gaps, Mario Galaxy-like rocket bubbles, and trampolines get involved in later stages. Puzzles strike that perfect balance between challenging without being too troubling or frustrating. Each obstacle usually favors planning versus reaction time too, making this great for casual players.

ibb & obb is filled with personality. Presented through soft pastel colors, fluid animation, and everything has adorable bouncy eyes, this non-violent visual theme is easily a highlight. These playable boogers will also encounter tiny blobs that can be kicked like a soccer ball. Thing is, they serve no purpose and can even be squished with proper jump placement. These little touches are totally unnecessary but help provide that special charm. The soundtrack also aligns with the friendly visual theme and entertaining gameplay.

Completionists might have trouble earning that coveted perfect score as each stage ends with a tally of sparkling cubes collected. These shiny diamond-like shapes bounce out of dead enemies but must be collected within a short window of time otherwise they disappear forever. I was never able to collect them all in the stage, nor have I ever come close, as finding these shapes are one thing but actually grabbing them is another. There is most likely a payoff for collecting them all but good luck achieving this difficult feat.

This Switch platformer is one of the better co-op exclusive titles available on current gen systems. It is unfortunately there is no single player option but this just means the entire package was carefully designed with co-op in mind. If you have a co-op buddy, this is a title that you will want to play.

SCORE: 8/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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