I got to name a creature in the upcoming 2D platformer 7Horizons

RedDeerGames, who released titles such at Clumsy Rush, Brawl Chess, Cyber Protocol, and Under Leaves, recently asked Twitter to name a cute little dinosaur-like creature for their upcoming platformer 7Horizons.

When I saw the tweet, I knew I had to respond as I simply wanted to help. Providing many name suggestions, some intentionally bad for comedic effect, RedDeer decided to go with Yum-Yum.

How did I come up with the name Yum-Yum? I have no freaking clue. It just popped into my head, thought I had nothing to lose so I posted it, and they went with it. Twitter followers since have commented on the name, enjoying the selection.

So yeah, I named a creature in a game. I think that is pretty cool and thanks RedDeer for providing the opportunity. Can’t wait to see the little guy in this upcoming game.

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