Here is what the largest arcade in the world looks like – Galloping Ghost Arcade (all set to free play)

The Galloping Ghost (GG) Arcade in Brookfield, IL is home to the largest arcade in the world. With nearly 900 arcade games available to play, all set to free-play, it is easy to spend hours in this very cool space. Since each game is on free-play, it is encouraged to experiment with all the available games. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favorite game this way. This is how I found and now love Ninja Baseball Bat Man, for example

Although I have been going here for years, GG recently expanded the arcade floor. In late August 2022, I visited the arcade and recorded a video walk through of the entire game floor. I added captions so you can get an idea of the space and scale too. Since the arcade is always changing, adding new games, and expanding, I think it will be interesting to see how the arcade looks now in comparison to 1/5/10 years from now.

It is $25/person for all-you-can-play for that day. So if you arrive in the afternoon, you can leave to grab some dinner, and then come back as long as you still have your receipt. There are weekly, monthly, and lifetime passes too.

It is also a friendly environment. I was playing Smash TV and some dude just walked up and join in for some co-op and had a good time.

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