Help Me Doctor (Switch) Review

Billed as a health care simulation, Help Me Doctor is nothing more than tediously reading the symptoms of sick people, seeing if their name and insurance numbers match their identification, then sending them on their way.  Do this correctly, you earn money. Failing to tap one button to submit to insurance, or overlook an insurance account number, and you lose money. Lose enough money and the player views a game over cutscene in which the doctor is hammering a business closing sign into the front lawn of the office. The emphasis is not on helping people or looking at sore throats with a flash light. Here, the player is basically just saying Yes or No to an Excel spreadsheet.

There really isn’t any game in this game. The player just reads text and presses a couple face buttons. This is definitely not Surgeon Simulator or a Trauma Center title. There is an attempt at humor, however, as all the diseases are fictional nonsense that includes symptoms like hobbit feet and the need for attention. Diagnosing each patient gets boring quickly as there are only a couple handfuls of sicknesses to select. The visuals are also composed of early N64 quality 3D models and the soundtrack, especially the short voice clips, will get on your nerves.

There isn’t anything to enjoy in Help Me Doctor and it feels like work.

Don’t Forget: to get your tetanus booster every 10 years
Better Than: getting the Coronavirus
Wait For It: Vasectomy Simulator

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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