Hellstruck: Rage with Your Friends (Switch) Review

Hellstruck: Rage with Your Friends is a Jump King clone. If you never played Jump King, it is a comically difficult vertical platformer that demands perfection and the utmost dedication. 

Playing as a demon, it is your job to jump from platform to platform to reach the top. There are no enemies to fight. No levels to gain. No high scores to set. Nope. The only obstacle is your own skill and patience. And this game has a multiplayer feature if you wanted to suffer with a friend.

This game is ridiculously hard. However, it isn’t just the difficulty that is punishing – it is the cost of a single mistake. Missing one jump has the potential to send the player down several screens/minutes/jumps which can crush your very soul.

Jumping, though, isn’t like in Mario by comparison. There is no option to freely move left or right or simply leap with a tap of a button. You can only jump, there is no walking left or right, and jumps are determined by how long the jump button is held. The game doesn’t display it, but there is basically a meter that builds the more you hold the jump button. The longer your hold it, the bigger the jump. But the difference between a short jump and a big jump is literally a fraction of a second. Without a visual indicator on this invisible jump meter, the game gets tough right from the first screen. It is one of those systems where you need to feel it and learn from your mistakes. There is also a puzzle element too, as sometimes you need to ricochet off walls to reach that next ledge.

I am not going to say that Hellstruck is a bad game, but I also wouldn’t necessarily say it is a good one. Instead, it is just one of those games that you are either going to like or completely despise within the first five minutes. Personally, I do not have the patience to master such a demanding game but still respect it and can understand how someone might get a kick out of this. Either way, this is one of those games that would make for a highly enjoyable speed run.

SCORE: 5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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