Gunship (GB) – new Gameboy game 2022 – rail shooter w/amazing soundtrack

Incube8 Game is set to release GUNSHIP, a brand new original Gameboy game in 2022. They were nice enough to send me a preview ROM so I can check out the gameplay and happy to report this is a pretty fun game. You control a cursor on screen and need to shoot incoming enemies. When ammo is empty, it auto-reloads but takes a couple seconds. The other button is used as a screen-clearing bomb. You’ll need these bombs to take out those gun turrets as they will immediately deplete your health if not careful.

This game has a killer soundtrack too.

Here are official details of this game:
In Gunship, our nation is under attack by enemy forces, and the defense can only succeed with the help of air ground support. The future of our nation depends on you! Gunship is a rail shooter for the Nintendo Game Boy, which sees you fighting your way through five missions to repel the attack and restore peace.

Lite Edition Includes;
-Physical cartridge
-Digital cover art and instruction booklet

Digital Edition Includes:
-Digital ROM
-Digital cover art and instruction booklet

-2D pixel art
-Five missions to play through
-Fully compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance handhelds

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