BLOG – Got Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles – Scammed!

The Wii isn’t exactly known for big selling and critically acclaimed 3rd party games.  Although rare, they are worth seeking out for the dying system.

One of these games is Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. Like the Wii’s version of Time Crisis with zombies, I enjoyed my time shooting at the screen going through a summary version of RE0, RE1, and RE2.  After beating this game, Darkside has been a game on my radar to purchase.

Besides Amazon, really the only other solid alternative to finding this game is used at GameStop.  While I was there yesterday to pre-order my Gears 3, I scanned the used games.  On the side end cap was Darkside… but instead of the usual asking price of $29.99 for a used copy, the price tag said $19.99!  For $30, I was probably not going to buy this game, but that decrease in $10 made all the difference.

Here is the kicker though: they put Resident Evil 4’s price tag on Darkside Chronicles, hence the $10 price different.  I figured it was worth a shot to see if the clerk would notice.


After waiting in line for 10 minutes (yeah, there were a lot of people in GS at 2pm, weird) I brought the empty case to the counter, told the dude that I wanted to buy it and pre-order Gears 3.  I also had a 20% off one used game coupon – GS sent it to me for my bday, plus I have their PowerUp card. So in total, I would get 30% off Darkside.

The dude scanned the case, searched through the secret stash of games in the drawers behind him, and put the disc in the case.  Then he rung up my Gears 3 pre-order, scanned my coupon (so it came out to only like $15 with tax) and I walked out.

Thinking I just scored a sweet deal, I opened the Darkside case to make sure I got the right game.  To my dismay, the dude put in Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition instead of Darkside… he was correct as that is what the label said.

Going back into the store, I waited in line (again) and told the dude that I think he made I mistake and that I wanted Darkside, not Resident Evil 4.  He apologized, and started searching for the correct game in the secret stash behind him.  After finding the Darkside disc, he said “wait, which game did I charge your for,” and pulled out the receipt still in the bag.  He then said “oh, I scanned Resident Evil 4 Wii Edtion… but you can just take this as it is the same price.”

Hahaha, no its not sucka!  So I ran the hell outta there and got my Darkside Chronicles for only $15 after the “deal,” coupon and PowerUp discount instead of paying $30. Score!

Now, who is up for some lightgun shooting goodness?

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