GLO (PS4) Review with stream

A tile-based platformer that intentionally limits the player’s view, GLO features heavy trial-and-error gameplay. The higher challenge and demand for repetition might not please everyone but there is no denying the sense of accomplishment upon completing every stage.

Playing as a square, the goal is to reach the end tile. Shrouded in darkness, the player can only see a couple tile’s worth of distance ahead. Due to this purposely designed restriction, the player can easily walk off a ledge, miss a jump, or encounter an enemy, all of which results in an instant restart back to the beginning to try again.

The biggest problem with GLO is the lack of direction or a tutorial.  If you watch my stream below, you will notice I start severely struggling a handful of stages into the campaign. It was here that I realized the player has the ability to double jump, albeit being a small extra hop, and can shoot a small projectile using the trigger button.  After some experimenting, I found out this projectile can be used to destroy incoming enemies, making stages significantly easier.  Further, I was then told by the developer that this projectile can be aimed using the right analog stick.  Honestly, if I was not told this information, I would have had to clue as the game doesn’t provide a tutorial or even a button layout screen in the main menu.  Having the player figure out these more obscure gameplay elements on their own is a little ridiculous but once you know, the entire experience becomes more pleasurable.

The presentation is rather simple as everything is nothing more than a colored box.  At the same time, the player cannot really see much of the game at any given time anyway due to the darkness.  Sometime there is text written in the background, attempting to give the player a slight clue, but these hints are often difficulty to read, again, because the game purposely limits the player’s perspective resulting in a moot point. The sound track is also subtle and almost calming which is a little strange for a game that carries a higher difficulty.

GLO is an acquired taste.  Casual platform fans will be distracted by the difficulty and requirement to replay stages many times whereas completionists and players with high levels of perseverance will enjoy the sense of accomplishment. Either way, if you are curious, this is another low cost EastAsiaSoft game that doesn’t take much to snag that Platinum so Trophy hunters should take note.

SCORE: 6/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz
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