Ghost Sweeper (Xbox One) Review

Inspired by classic 2D puzzle platformers such as Solomon’s Key and Boulder Dash, Ghost Sweeper is an inexpensive Flash-style title built around navigating a single screen filled with traps, keys, and collectables. The gimmick is the player has the ability to create blocks out of thin air to reach new heights and potentially trap/stun enemies. It is a very simple concept and the dozens of stages provide a few hours of repetitive content and there is plenty to collect for completionists.

This download only costs $5 and it shows. The visuals are as generic as can be and the soundtrack is annoying at best. The stage design is the main element to keep gameplay as fresh but starts to go tiresome by the second world. In addition to creating platforms at will, the playable character also has the ability to suck up enemies with a vacuum and spit them out as an offensive projectile but this feature is never explained. Stranger yet, the enemies can break free of their vacuumed prison and instantly cause game over. It also wasn’t until a later stage that I realized that platforms can be added and removed on an angle.  This is a critical mechanic but the player is never given this information. All this is fine but never becomes truly interesting or addicting and starts to feel like work.

Ghost Sweeper is a cheap mobile game ported to home consoles. It might not be the most terrible game available at the five dollar price point, but there certainly are better ones.

Also available on Switch.

SCORE: 5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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