Gerrrms (Switch) Review

Developed by the small team at Bugbomb Games, Gerrrms is a rather timely title given the current situation everyone is facing around the globe. Although citizens of the world are facing a virus pandemic, Gerrrms is all about which single-cell organism can reign supreme via last-man-standing Petri dish arena combat. Also, Gerrrms is spelled weird for some reason…

The gimmick is that the player doesn’t have direct control of the playable germ. Instead, each germ can latch onto grapple points, automatically rotate in place, then can be flung in the direction upon release point. Bump into another germ to attack or bounce of a wall to keep a distance. Honestly, Gerrms is just a knockoff of Xbox 360’s Rotatstic but with a germy theme.

There are basically two main modes of play: Tourrrnament (also spelled weird) which is your standard 4-player competition, and Mission Mode in which a single player tries to complete a specific mission objective.  Completing both Tourrrnaments and Missions will unlock new playable germs and even some new power-up items so there is incentive to explore both. The biggest problem with mission mode is the player is forced to complete the entire match even if the objective is completed. For example, the player might be tasked with “give the bomb away by using the hand attack before it explodes,” and this can be completed in five seconds but the player needs to finish the 1-3 minute match, win or lose, for the game to check that box. This becomes a tedious waste of time that winds up being busy work, especially since unlockable germs play exactly the same.

Luckily, there is more to it than just standard deathmatch mode. There is also capture the flag, where the player needs to hold onto the flag for a certain amount of time, or Bomb mode which is hot potato – don’t be the one holding it when it goes explodes, and a few others.  Sometimes the arena itself changes, like when there are random patches of spikes on the perimeter, so there is some variation.

Gerrms is basically a one-trick pony that can offer some mindless local multiplayer fun for a few matches. It is basically a Mario Party mini game with a few more options to extend replay value, a means to justify an entire retail release. Just like Pooplers, Clumsy Rush, Petoons Party, Astro Bears Party and many others on the Switch eShop, don’t expect much from this lower cost digital download.

SCORE: 5/10

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Much Better Than:: Clu Clu Land (NES)

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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