GBA Single-Pak link – GAME & WATCH GALLERY 4 – DK3 + Boxing – punch Waluigi in the face and junk!

There are several playable games in Nintendo’s fourth Game & Watch compilation but two are multiplayer compatible through Single-Pak link – Donkey Kong 3 and Boxing.

DK3 pits two players in a tug-of-war style match by shooting water bubbles at each other, trying to push a fireball and a Boo to the other side. The Boo, when not facing the player, slowly moves forward just like in other Mario games whereas the fireball just moves up and down.

Boxing is a simple take on the 1v1 sport as each player can attack high/low, block high/low, or dodge by pressing in the opposite direction. Playing as Luigi, you can punch Waluigi directly in the face or in the groin area!

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