NEWS – GB Mega Man Games Coming to 3DS eShop

Capcom has confirmed that the classic Mega Man games for the original Gameboy will be appearing on the 3DS Virtual Console sometime later this year. This includes Mega Man 2, 3, 4, and 5. The original GB Mega Man, Wiley’s Revenge, is already on available on the eShop. Mega Man V is a unique game out of the bunch as the Blue Bomber fights Stardroids instead of Robot Masters and has an arm projectile attack.

Mega Man will give you the fist
Mega Man will give you the fist

But wait, it gets even better! Mega Man Xtreme 1 and 2 are also coming to 3DS! What, what!! These two titles are remixes of the SNES Mega Man X series. Xtreme 2 even incorporated some X4 gameplay elements and features Zero as a playable character.

Release date and pricing have not yet been determined.

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