Gamer’s Gullet – Pepsi Blue Review

Back in 2002, Pepsi released Pepsi Blue, a berry flavored cola building off the hype that was Crystal Pepsi.  Pepsi Blue ended production in 2004 and finally made its return here in 2021. If you have been waiting approximately 17 years to get diabetes, now is your chance.

Blue sugar liquid

My local Target did not carry this limited run soft drink so I decided to try Walmart. They only had a six pack of 1-liter bottles in the soft drink aisle and didn’t want to spend that much money for my sugar coma.  Walking out in defeat, I noticed solo 1-liter bottles in the mini refrigerators at the front of the check-out lines. Not really cold but not room temperature, I paid my $2 bucks for this bottle of chemicals and headed back to my desk.

And that is exactly what this is – a bottle of chemicals.  Just look at the label!

Every ingredient is a chemical. Red 40 is especially delish!

This bottle of poison isn’t even the worst part. Loaded with a whopping 69 grams of sugar (138% added sugars) and 69 grams of carbs, this blue liquid is nothing but processed sweetener. That is why it tastes so freakishly sweet.  You know those Bomb Pops that are composed of the blue, red, and white icey stuff often sold around the 4th of July?  That is what this tastes like only it stings your teeth as it burns a hole in your stomach. It is sickening sweet and made me hate myself for trying it.

Take out a life insurance policy before consuming

I honestly do not understand how this can be legally sold in stores. If you drink this, you will pretty much die. Sampling one half ounce was all that I could take.  I then proceeded to chug an entire bottle of water to assist in diluting this blue poison.

Is Pepsi Blue good? Yes, but only if you have a death wish, hate yourself, or want to experiment with booze mixers. If you mixed Pepsi Blue with Mountain Dew Code Red, I am not sure but the Earth might explode.

SCORE: 2/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz
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