Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator (Xbox One) Review

Released a few months ago on Switch, Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is now available on Xbox One. As it plays exactly the same as the Switch version, everything I mentioned in my original article stands here.

To quickly summarize, this is a weak RTS but with Roguelite properties. From a cumbersome interface, you place troops one by one on the battlefield and hope to kill all the enemies from the automatic and unsatisfying battles. Most skirmishes are a total bloodbath too. If you do manage a victory, you will only win by a troop or two. Troops are also represented by tiny icons that are almost impossible to see and essentially act with a mind of their own. In time, new heroes will be unlocked, which can create worthwhile buffs, but dying reverts the player back to square one upon death; this is a roguelite after all.

Although heavily flawed, Gallic Wars deserves credit for trying something new. There is actually a solid framework here but the lacking quality of life features and clunky interface drag the experience through the mud. Hopefully a sequel will be released to address these issues.

SCORE: 4/10

Not As Good As: your favorite RTS
Keep Playing Until You: unlock the Asterix cameo characters   
Wait For It: Advance Wars 1+2 coming to Switch

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz
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