Food Truck Arena (Switch) Review

A top-down Rocket League clone, Food Truck Arena is slower paced, simplified, and much more methodical than Psyonix’s popular soccer-with-cars simulation.

Just like soccer, the goal is to score a goal on your opponent. Instead of controlling a soccer player, players drive a food truck (ice cream truck, taco stand, etc) and instead of a ball, players push a tomato.  Instead of a behind-the-truck or first-person perspective, the overhead view looks, plays, and controls like Super Sprint or any other top-down racer. The approach is easy to understand so anyone can pick up and play. Up to four local humans can compete in 2v2 matches otherwise matches will be limited to local 1v1.

The right shoulder button is the accelerator, left shoulder is reverse, and the player can jump and activate a special power by using a couple face buttons. Four playable characters are available from the start with a few more unlockable but each have their own unique ability. In fact, the Tournament mode, the main single player option, is presented like a classic Street Fighter fighting game where the player competes each battle by traveling to a different part of the world. Since each character in the wacky rosters of playable racers has their own ability, it almost feels like a fighting game in a way.  For example, one character can instantly reverse your controls, another can freeze your racer for a short time, while another can drop a tomato oil slick.  In time, there is an option to customize the vehicles, providing a minor incentive to keep playing.

Although made on a budget with a small team, the main issue comes from the slow pace and lack of AI options.  For the most part, the AI racer is pretty dumb and can even score in its own goal. Alternatively, you might smoke the computer in the first few matches but then get totally destroyed the next.  It is wildly inconsistent at times and some matches can be a slog.  It is also a little weird that the continue screen has no music and the opening cutscene before each match lasts for way longer than it should.

For a more entertaining take on soccer, go with Rocket League.  However, if you want something a little more casual and approachable, Food Truck Arena is a top-down lower cost alternative. Just don’t expect the same level of excitement or flare.

SCORE: 5/10

Also available on PC.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz
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