Fishing Adventure (Xbox One) review with stream

Originally released on Switch in early 2020, Fishing Adventure is now available on Xbox One. Since this is the exactly the same game, everything that I mentioned in my Switch article applies here.

To recap my original Switch coverage, there is no story in this first person fishing sim so the game jumps right into the deep end. Casting your line and netting a fish is a simple process: hold one button to cast, one button sets the hook, another one reels it in. When caught, each fish can be instantly converted into cash or experience points. Like any RPG, the fisherman can level up after enough XP has been collected.  When the player reaches level 5, for example, the level 5 rods, reels, lines, lures and more become available.  In order to purchase this new equipment, cash must be spent.  Therefore, the grind is real as the player needs both XP and cash to get the good stuff. It takes a while to unlock things so be warned. There are several fishing environments to venture although only one, Poland, is available from the start.

Fishing Adventure is caught somewhere between simulation and an arcade experience. Although placed smack dab in the middle, the biggest downfall is the lack of an underwater view. The entire experience is viewed from the eyes of the fisherman. This means the player randomly throws the line into the water and hope something bites. The good news is, most line tosses will lead to a bite which keeps the player entertained, even though it feels a bit cheap on occasion. Every time I threw my line in the water, I wanted a view point of my bait on the hook, being able to rotate the camera to see which fish were nearby.

By no means is this the best fishing game but it is definitely a casually playable one.  Even if you don’t like fishing, the musical track that plays during the main menu is hauntingly good and has no business being this high quality or in a fishing game whatsoever.

SCORE: 5/10

Not As Good As: catching a bass at your local watering hole
Better Than: true simulation games that are super slow paced and boring
Wait For It: Super Mario Fishing

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
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