Escape From Tethys is a new Metroidvania that will release in August by Sometimes You

Escape From Tethys will be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 12the for $9.99 by Sometimes You.

You’re trapped, alone and cold on a distant planet. Pursued by a droid with only one purpose: killing everything. You must find an escape. Explore the hostile environment, find secret upgrades and new weapons, and finally make your escape from this dark, hostile planet…

Escape from Tethys is difficult action adventure Metroidvania game set on the remote planet of Tethys. You are a scientist responsible for developing new weapons tech, when things go awry.

– Explore the mysterious, dark world of Tethys.
– Confront and defeat the strongest creatures of the planet.
– Find and unlock 20+ unique upgrades scattered across five different biomes.
– Use new weapons and abilities to fight your way to the planet’s surface… and escape!

Alone. Cold. Scared. Pursued. Only the strongest and smartest will make it out alive.

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