Dull Grey (Xbox One) Review with stream

A digital novel with a minimalistic visual style and gameplay, Dull Grey is a cold tale about oppression, opportunities, and choices. It isn’t often a game this dark fully absorbs its namesake.

There isn’t much game here as the player only selects one of two options at certain points of the narrative. Taking the role of Kir, it is the player’s choice that will result in one of numerous endings. If the player stops and reads the text on every screen, it will take just over 10 minutes for one play through. If you slam on the shoulder buttons to advance the text, each run can be completed in a couple minutes.  It is only a matter of time before someone makes a guide on which options to select to unlock each ending, which in turn unlocks an Achievement/Trophy.  Therefore, this is a great game for Achievement hunters but not a good game for action fans.

Sometimes You also released a game called Swordbreaker.  Gameplay is very similar between these two titles although Swordbreaker has a much more vibrant and comic book art style although both games essentially play themselves.

Dull Grey does what it sets out to do – create a minimalist presentation that challenges free will over oppression.  Choices are not necessarily right or wrong, just different, and it is always a wonder what the end result would be if you made that other choice.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to test this theory in real life but is encouraged with replays thanks to the magic of video games and Dull’s Grey narrative structure.

Also available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS Vita.

SCORE: 5/10

Not As Good As: an action RPG
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