Dragon Dance (GBC, 2000) – 2p VS Mode – ENABLE THE LINK CABLE – competitive Pong with a twist

Dragon Dance, by Natsume and Crave, is an Arkanoid/Pong clone for Nintendo’s Gameboy Color handheld that you probably never played.

Besides having creative design (your paddle is a dragon that shrinks with each ball lost and curls when not moving), the 2-player link cable VS Mode is also pretty fun.

Like Tetris or any other puzzle game, your well of blocks will lower/raise when certain conditions are met. It is rather addicting and the 10 available stages results in a higher amount of replay value.

Dragon Dance – it is a sleeper hit, hidden-gem kind of game. Give it a shot, especially the 2-player link mode, if given the opportunity.

What GB or GBC multiplayer game would you like me to cover in a future episode of my Enable The Link Cable series. Let me know in the comments.

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