Did you ever listen to the music to the opening stage of Little Big Planet on PSP?

In 2009, Media Molecule released Little Big Planet on PSP. At this time, there were several free playable PSP demos that could be downloaded to a Memory Stick ProDuo, sometimes even before the game’s official release. Trying to soak up as much of Sony’s handheld as I could, I downloaded the demo and eventually the full version of the game.

We could talk about all about the creative gameplay of MM’s releases but instead I want to focus on one thing – the music to level 1 in Little Big Planet on PSP.

The opening segment of pretty much any game is designed to teach the player the gameplay mechanics, to get your feet wet as the expression goes. Which means the opening segments are usually free of difficulty and easier going. This is very much the case with the opening stage of LBP PSP. The happy-go-lucky presentation is amplified by Spiderbait’s Glockenpop.

Have a listen:

This tune, while super happy and adorable on its own, fits the opening goofiness of LBP like a glove. It is pretty obscure to not only come out of the gate with a unique track like this, but including catchy female vocals is extraordinary. Highly unexpected, the gamble pays off because I remember LBP PSP solely because of this moment. Sure you can create levels and tinker in a sandbox of game elements, but this single track set the stage for the entire experience and should be something any player should enjoy.

Dust off your PSP or perhaps recharge your Vita and give it a shot for yourself. This non-violent, family oriented game doesn’t start with a bang, but rather provides a high level of charm and personality that sticks with you. This different approach is something special and should be acknowledged. “Just try to remember, the words go together… for you!”

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