Daffy Duck: Fowl Play (GBC, 1999) is an animation dream

Daffy Duck: Fowl Play is a 1999 Gameboy Color game that is easily dismissed because it is a handheld licensed game based on a popular Looney Toons character. However, Sunsoft went hard on this one. The animation is easily some of the best on GBC.

I thought I was going to end the stream at the end of Level 2 during the stage ending diving segment but I eventually persevered and beat it. However, I couldn’t beat the super cheap and unfair Bugs Bunny fight at the end of level 5. There are 6 stages total so I almost beat the game here on this stream.

But I wanted to play this game to highlight the excellent, highly unnecessary animation in this game. Just check out that level-end animation! So cool!

Check out Bionic Commando: Elite Forces on GBC as another game with great art and character animation.

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