Comparing the DS and DS Lite Rumble Paks

Nintendo consoles have never been shy about incorporating obscure accessories and peripherals for use with their hardware. In 2012, I wrote an article summarizing the DS Rumble Pak and can be read HERE. In that article I mentioned that the DS Lite saw an exclusive Rumble Pak that fits flush with DS Lite systems (not to be confused with the original DS Phat models).  It took me about 9 years but I was finally able to obtain one of these unique DS Lite Rumble Paks. I made some videos to demonstrate this obscure and forgotten accessory.

This first video simply showcases the DS Lite Rumble Pak.

This next video might prove insightful as I compare the original 1st party Nintendo made DS Rumble Pak with this DS Lite Rumble Pak. Although both produce quality results, there is a difference. The Nintendo model is louder and supports a more hollow feeling whereas the DS Lite Rumble Pak is quieter and feels a tad firmer.  Keep in mind, unless you feel these for yourself, it is a little challenging to explain. Also remember, the Nintendo DS Rumble Pak will work in original DS Phat models as well as DS Lite units. The DS Lite Rumble Pak will only work when inserted into SLOT-2 of DS Lite systems; it will not work on original DS Phat models.

Finally, this last video quickly demonstrates how this DS Rumble Pak can be stored. Yes, it will fit inside the GBA cart holder found inside any DS game case. See for yourself here.

If you enjoy weird Rumble-based facts, be sure to check out my article and video about GBC Rumble Pak carts HERE.

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