Colored Effects (Switch) Review

Flynn’s Arcade, known for releasing new, retro arcade games such as Donut Dodo and Murtop, has gotten into the puzzle platforming genre with Colored Effects, a single screen environmental puzzle game that only costs a few bucks. Much more focused on puzzle solving than platforming, the pacing is nice and clearing each stage is satisfying because it is its own little accomplishment.  

Unlike other platformers like HatUp or even Sir Lovelot, Color Effects separates itself in a couple ways. First, each stage is designed meticulously by hand while maintaining a consistent amount of polish. The gimmick comes from walking over colored tiles to gain a new ability to solve the environmental puzzle. For example, yellow is a dash move, blue is a double jump, purple phases through platforms, and red is a shooting attack. At the end of the day, each puzzle usually involves pushing or pulling a box so you can reach that next platform, but it is done in a way where it doesn’t feel repetitive. 

Color Effects also is different because it incorporates boss battles. Each boss contains a specific gimmick and sort of reminds me of taking down the Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus because it isn’t about quick action, reflexes; figuring out how to take down the boss, then performing the necessary steps, is the challenge. Stages are bite sized too, so you feel a constant sense of accomplishment, especially since each batch of stages introduces a new gimmick. 

The visual presentation is purposely void of most colors to clearly indicate where an ability changing tile is placed. It is a simple presentation that is appreciated, coupled with a quality soundtrack. Although, it does feel a little strange that there is no music during the menu selection screen. 

Colored Effects is one of the better puzzle platformers I recently played. In fact, it is a little refreshing because this low-cost digital download puts the focus on solving traversal puzzles instead of trying to make the player platform through perfection-requiring stages (like Meatboy or Celeste, for example). Honestly, it is a such a departure from Flynn Arcade’s previous releases, it feels strange when compared to their previously released library. However, it gets me excited for whatever non-arcade titles are released in the future. 

SCORE: 7/10

And go play Donut Dodo because that game is pretty awesome. 

Also Try: Sir Lovelot

Better Than: HatUp

Don’t Forget About: Ball laB II

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

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