Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (GBC, 1999) – VS GAME – Enable The Link Cable

Other than having a smaller screen resolution, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on Gameboy Color is a quality port of Nintendo’s NES 1985 original. This enhanced port incorporated a ton of new features including a race again Boo mode, Gameboy Printer compatibility, a calendar, a Toy Box, and much more. One of the coolest features though […]

Here is what the largest arcade in the world looks like – Galloping Ghost Arcade (all set to free play)

The Galloping Ghost (GG) Arcade in Brookfield, IL is home to the largest arcade in the world. With nearly 900 arcade games available to play, all set to free-play, it is easy to spend hours in this very cool space. Since each game is on free-play, it is encouraged to experiment with all the available […]

Top Rank Tennis on Gameboy has one of the best game openings of all time – video here

Top Rank Tennis on Gameboy, a 1993 release, has a surprisingly awesome intro – dancing man ass! These tennis players were twerking before twerking was even a thing. The intro cut out around the 8 and a half minute mark otherwise I would have recorded and posted like an hour of this. However, you get […]

Metal Gear Solid (GBC, 2000) 2p Link Cable VS BATTLE MODE – ENABLE THE LINK CABLE

Metal Gear Solid (also called Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel in other territories) is the best game on Nintendo’s Gameboy Color (GBC). It has an awesome campaign, mixes the 2D MSX games with the 3D gameplay elements of later titles, and is just an awesome demake of Metal Gear Solid (PSOne). Players were also treated […]

MyGamer Visual Cast – Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (PC)

This week, I played some of the PC port of Spider-Man that was originally released on PS4. While Gillman was only a few hours deep, I explained my frustrations with the game when I Platinum’d it on PS4. Sure, it feels cool to be Spider-Man swinging from buildings but the mission structure and animations are […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – ChuChu Rocket!

Sega’s GBA port of the Dreamcast’s ChuChu Rocket! has one of the best Single-Pak multi-boot modes on GBA. Loaded with features, this is one chaotic multiplayer experience all from the use of a single cartridge. Loading this game only takes about 2 seconds, there are tons of options available, and you can even play on […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – Dr. Mario & Puzzle League

Dr. Mario & Puzzle League doesn’t have a real time single-pak multiplayer mode. Instead, a downloadable trial demo version of either Dr. Mario or Puzzle League can be sent to an open GBA and played until the power turns off. Dr. Mario is like the NES version but with updated visuals and less music options […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – Zapper: One Wicked Cricket

The top-down grid-based gameplay of Zapper: One Wicked Cricket on GBA features 5 different gameplay modes but they are basically just variants of one another. Zipper Soccer and Mega Zipper Soccer are the same only with more bug balls and the other modes are different types of death match options. Zapper is another forgotten mascot […]