Castle Renovator (PS4) Review

Another ridiculous simulation title, Castle Renovator is basically Gas Station Simulator except without as much polish, and basically repurposed Train Station Renovation.

This time, players are tasked with cleaning, maintaining, and reconstructing castles and their immediate surrounding environments. Before getting to the cool castles though, you’ll need to spend your time picking up virtual garbage, chopping virtual trees, and performing other virtual chores like repairing wooden planks for paying customers. It really doesn’t do anything new and completing this virtual work wouldn’t be as boring and plain as it sounds if the game just ran smoothly.

It looks and feels like playing an early PS2 game and stutters at times like a flipbook.  In fact, the choppiness is so bad that is makes completing these chores way more difficult than they should be. There might be a board right in front of you on the floor but moving the cursor over it so it highlights can be tedious. The sensitive control is compounded with the impossible to see dark backdrops and horrible pop-in. It is also possible to have menus appear on top of menus, making the game unplayable in areas.

Sure, it is a little weird being forced to sweep grass and dirt roads with a broom, or using a sponge to scrub splinter filled wooden siding, but fans might find some entertainment value with this virtual chore simulator if they can deal with the jarring technical issues.

SCORE: 5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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