Car Mechanic Simulator Classic (Xbox One) Review

You know how Capcom releases a new version of Street Fighter every few months and just slaps the word “super” or “turbo” somewhere in the title and charges full price for the basically the same game?  Well I think Ultimate Games S.A. is now the industry champion for re-releasing the exact same game only by changing one word in the title. Unlike Capcom and their multi-version Street Fighter series, these Car Mechanic sim games are broken and unplayable.

Car Trader, Bus Fix, Garage Mechanic Simulator, Car Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition, Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator, and now Car Mechanic Simulator Classic are the same game. The player just clicks on things to fix broken auto parts and then clicks another button to sell them. It really is as simple as that. It is not like you actually take everything apart and perform surgery on the vehicle one piece at a time mini game-style. Unfortunately, the interface is so broken, clicking buttons sometimes performs an action, sometimes not.

It is easy to see that this “Classic” version had a bigger budget in comparison to the previous titles as it has a pretty cool trailer that makes fixing cars seem super cool, the player can freely walk around a garage, and each car is now composed of hundreds of well-modeled 3D pieces. It actually looks like a game, which says a lot given the history of this simulation series.

Even though the game looks better than ever, the gameplay still controls like that abandoned clunker on the side of the road. The problem is that the player never knows what to do and how to do it. You know there is a problem when it is a massive struggle just to finish the opening tutorial. The interface makes the entire experience unplayable. It is only after randomly clicking on things for twenty minutes and making a sacrifice to the Gods will the game move onto the next step. Nothing makes sense which makes the entire experience a massive chore.

If Car Mechanic Simulator worked like a finish game, I wonder if it still would be any fun. People work on cars as a living so I cannot see them wanting to come home and fix digital autos in their free time. I guess we won’t have to ponder that question any further as Car Mechanic Simulator Classic is still the same broken and repetitive experience it always has been only with one new word added to the title.

SCORE: 3/10

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Better Than: getting screwed by a shady mechanic
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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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