Canceled NES game Airball gets official release and GBA port

Independent game publisher The Retro Room Games is launching Airball on  NES and Game Boy Advance today for $49.99.

Airball was released for the Dragon 32/64 and TRS-80 Color Computer in 1987. It was programmed by Ed Scio, with graphics by Pete Lyon and music by Paul Shields.

In Airball, you will be turned into a ball of air and sent deep into a mansion by an evil wizard. Find the spellbook and the ingredients that may give you clues on how to transform yourself back into a human in a maze containing 150 isometric rooms.

The version for NES was previously cancelled, so it’s exciting to have this game released more than 30 years later. The game will be localized into English, German, French and Arabic, being the first game on NES to be in Arabic.

The version for Game Boy Advance will feature enhanced graphics. Each version of the game will contain a box replicating the original artstyle, a cartridge, and an instruction manual.


  • An action-packed game.
  • 150 isometric rooms.
  • Picking up objects left by the Evil Wizard. E.g crosses, a Budha, a pumpkin, etc.
  • Searching for a spell book.
  • Better isometric puzzle platformers from the ’80s.
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