Brotherhood United (PS4) Review with stream

Taking the run-and-gun action of Metal Slug with the narrative approach of Double Dragon II, Brotherhood United is an easy going, mindless but fun way to spend a gaming hour thanks to Myoubouth and EastAsiaSoft.

One of your bros gets kidnapped which puts you in charge of the rescue. Always having access to a handgun, most enemies will fall easily but the occasional enemy, like the floating shielded robots, are much better dispatched at close range with the melee attack or occasional special weapon like the machinegun or shotgun.  Sure, it is a straight rip off of Metal Slug but it works and keeps action properly paced. My only complaint comes from the reload system. Like Gears of War, the player can tap a button at a specific time to be rewarded with a speeder reload.  It can be tricky to pull off during heated firefights but that is sort of the point. It is just a little weird that there is no manual reload button, forcing players to blow through a whole clip when wanting to prep during a few seconds of downtime.

The laid back difficulty factor is actually refreshing considering this is a new retro-style game. With numerous continues and situations that never grow too hectic, action fans shouldn’t have too much trouble breezing through the campaign. Personally, I actually lost my last life during the final boss’s dying animation, which is annoying cheap so there are moments of unfairness; there are a couple tricky jumps too. However, since the campaign is short and always keeps action at the forefront, I didn’t mind starting again. Local co-op is also available and can offer additional replay value.  Just don’t expect an extensive options, like major gameplay modifiers or online support, for this low cost digital download.

I am a sucker for this style of simplified pixel art with low frame animations. This basic style, complete with chiptune soundtrack, makes the whole experience enjoyable and above all, approachable.  Sure, the enemies repeat a little too often and it can be difficult to distinguish a platform from a non-interactive portion of the environment, but for a game that really only costs a few bucks, it is hard to complain or go wrong.

SCORE: 7/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz
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