BLOG – I ordered a used DSi and PS3 game from Gamestop. This is what I got.

I have heard mixed reviews when it comes to ordering used games and consoles from Gamestop’s website so I wanted to see for myself. Taking advantage of a limited time sale, I ordered a DSiXL, the one DS system missing from my collection, and a copy of Katamary Forever on PS3 as it is the one Katamari game I have yet to play and sort of harder to find these days. Buying this two items was just over $50, the criteria to hit in order to receive free shipping for Gamestop Power Up Pro members.

Hoping that I would receive a complete copy of Katamary Forever, as I hate having cheap cases displayed on my shelf, and praying I got a non-broken console, I made the video below to demonstrate the quality of Gamestop’s used products.

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