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For a while now, Gamestop has been discounting their dwindling stock of used GBA games.  You can’t blame them since the DS Lite is the only DS that is backward compatible with GBA games and the vast majority of DS sales are coming from the 3DS.  Even the DSi and DSiXL do not support GBA games.

But, for gamers like me, this is a great time to fill in missing gaps in personal GBA libraries.  Like when I bought used GC games during GS’s 50% sale a few weeks ago, I thought I would see what my local GS had on hand.

Right now, all GBA games are 50% off, plus an additional 10% off for using the PowerUp Rewards card.  Because these games are so cheap, I won’t feel guilty buying games that I potentially will never play.

Luckily, a neighborhood GS still had some semi-decent and rarer games left in their locked up game case:


Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars = $1.34

Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament = $2.24

Summon Night 2 = $3.59

Super Robot Taisen = $4.49

Super Robot Taisen 2 = $3.59

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge = $2.24

Star X = $0.44

Fortress = $1.34

Blender Bros. = $1.79

Top Spin 2 = $1.34


I already own a copy of Klonoa 2, but for $2 I figured having a backup isn’t going to hurt.  I can always give it away or try and sell in a Craigslist lot.

Zone of the Enders on GBA is the forgotten title in this cult favorite series.  And with the ZOE HD remake set to launch in 2012, the GBA version might get some residual interest.

The Summon Night series is another example of a cult favorite on GBA.  Atlus must have earned enough praise and sales from the original to release this sequel.  A DS version even appeared later.  But no matter what the story is, this is more of a hardcore and rare game worthy of a $3.59 purchase.

I do not remember much about the Super Robot Taisen series.  All I know off the top of my head is that they were decent GBA games… most Atlus titles are.  I am also curious about the DS game too.

I am not too excited about Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge.  I actually still owe Battle Network 2, but like the Pokemon series, I lost interest when new versions were being release every other week.

Star X is probably the closest game to Star Fox ever created.  And for under 50 cents, who can go wrong.

Fortress was an early GBA release.  I knew this game didn’t get the best reviews but for a buck I figure it would find a good home in my collection.

It has been a very long time since I last played Blender Bros so I don’t remember much about it.  I just remember that it had a Single-Pak link mode and shouldn’t be confused with Buster Brothers.

I definitely enjoy my tennis games, probably more so than the average gamer.  However, I doubt Top Spin 2 can stand up to the excellent GBA edition of Virtua Tennis.  But like many other games in this lot, I figure it can’t be that bad for the dollar asking price.

Cheap Games

Hopefully I will find some time and make the pilgrimage to other local GS’s to rummage through old GBA bins; hopefully there is a Final Fantasy IV or VI still waiting for me.   Now, when are the rest of those GC games going to be clearanced off…???

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