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Several weeks ago, I wrote about my Gamestop adventures buying clearance GBA games.  Well today I made a random trip to a local Gamestop and walked out with some more random stuff.

The one part of my trip that was not random is Chrono Trigger. I have had the DS version on my “must buy” list for a good chunk of time now.  Because I am a completionist, I would only buy this game if it came with the original case and instructions.  Luckily, I found a copy that fit this bill and purchased it for the Rewards Member fee of $17.99.  However, I was debating on even buying this game at all as it is now the 3rd time I officially purchased this Square master piece.

I originally bought the SNES version upon launch for $70 back in 1995.  Just entering my teenage years, $70 was one big bill to pay; birthday and chore money was saved for a very long time to make this purchase.  But if there is one game where I got my money’s worth, it would probably be Chrono Trigger.  I spent countless hours getting every ending and seeing everything this time traveling journey had to offer.  Because of this, Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games of all time.  Then years later, I purchased it in the PSOne compilation, but that version was inferior due to load times despite having new animated cutscenes.  But now I have the ability to play C.Trigger on the go with my DS.  This version also has a new ending and some kind of Pokemon-style monster raising feature.  But my hopes are not too high for this.

This Gamestop also had a random small selection of left over clearance GBA games.  I could not help myself but browse through and pick up anything that was not Phil Of The Future or any other Nickelodeon cartoon show.  Here is what I bought:

X2 Wolverine’s Revenge – $1.35

Spirits & Spells – $0.67

Tang Tang – $0.67

Thunder Alley – $0.45

(4 games for $3.14)


I actually remember playing, finishing, and reviewing Wolverine’s Revenge for the GBA.  If I am not mistaken, it is probably the best Wolverine game of all time.  But that is like saying which turd smells the best.  For a dollar, why the hell not and I am huge fan of Wolverine…

As for Spirits & Spells, Tang Tang, and Thunder Alley, I am pretty sure I have played them at some point in the past but cannot remember a thing about them.  For a couple of quarters worth of store credit, I figured it would be hard to go wrong.

For my next random Gamestop purchase, I am really hoping to find a reduced price A Boy And His Blob for Wii.  I will even buy a Castlevania Judgment if the price goes down, knowing full well that the game is a disaster.  With WiiU details coming next week for E3, Wii games are inevitably going to be dropping in price.  And if you are lucky enough to find a Gamestop that still carries GameCube games, I think it would be worth it to scourer through that bin.  Yes, I want to purchase a cheap Star Fox Assault knowing that it sucks but it is one of the few Nintendo published GC games that is not in my collection.


*** Update:

Tang Tang does not work!  There is $0.67 I am never getting back. L

Also, Spirits & Spells is quiet horrible and Thunder Alley is also pretty bad.  Wolverine’s Revenge isn’t as good as I remember but it is still tolerable at least.

Oh, and the owner who had that copy of Chrono Trigger was basically maxed out so I am free to cheat and use this file with New Game +.

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