BLOG – Do all games work with the GBA Micro?

Released very late in the lifespan of the Gameboy Advance era, the Gameboy Advance Micro is highly collectable and fetches a large price on second-hand markets these days. Composed of a teeny tiny horizontal form factor, the screen is significantly smaller in comparison to any other Gameboy unit.

Due to the unique size of this console, can it play all GBA games?  Or a better question is, even if it works/fits, do you even want to play the GBA’s most unique carts on this most unique system?

I am lucky enough to own a GB Micro and purchased mine on a Black Friday sale at ToysRus for $50 many years ago. My only regret is not buying another one not only for resale value but I enjoy this little console. The screen might be smaller but the backlit technology is awesome, it can fit in any pocket, the faceplates were swappable, and the shoulder buttons provide a subtle click that is always satisfying. The only downside is the proprietary charging cable – the GB Micro can only be charged using a cable unique to this system. The same goes for the link cable. In fact, the system didn’t ship with a link cable and they were only available for purchase through Nintendo’s online store at the time.

In addition to owning a GBA Micro, I also own several unique games and wanted to see if these special cartridges will work on Nintendo’s most unique and neglected Gameboy.

My video below demonstrates what happens when you insert a unique cartridge into the Gameboy Micro. Games like Boktai and Yoshi Topsy Turvy will work and doesn’t impede gameplay too much but WarioWare Twisted, although it will work, is nearly impossible to hold. And that e-Reader! Just see what happens with Nintendo’s card scanner.

Let me know what you think. Are there any other unique GBA carts that I missed that you think would be odd when played in a Gameboy Micro? Do you even own a GB Micro? Have you ever held one yourself? Curious to know what you think.

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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