BLOG – Club Nintendo Sept 2012

Instead of offering WiiWare originals, Nintendo has been offering Virtual Console downloads these last few weeks as Club Nintendo rewards.


10 Yard Fight was available as a Wii Virtual Console download for a couple weeks in preparation of the upcoming football season.  Unfortunately, this football title is no TecmoBowl and pretty primitive and slow in terms of gameplay. If you missed this Club Nintendo download, you didn’t miss anything.  Besides, you are probably playing the new Madden by now anyway.

Tennis is available as a 3DS Virtual Console download for 150 coins.  This Gameboy original is actually a very good game and if I didn’t already own two copies I would download this early launch GB game.  Even though this game is as basic as it gets, it still shines in terms of balance and gameplay.  Two buttons and a few different difficulty settings are all you need to enjoy a classic game of Tennis.  It just sucks that the 3DS Virtual Console does not allow for multiplayer because that is the highlight of this game.  If you manage to play this game with two original GB’s and a link cable, Tennis is unique because each player plays at the bottom of the screen; the game translates the opposite view on your opponent’s screen.  This way each player always gets the best view.  To my knowledge, I do not think any other Tennis game has offered this feature.  But really, it is a 150 coins well spent. Get it.


Finally, Nintendo is offering their original smash hit, Super Smash Bros., as a Club Nintendo reward for 200 coins.  This N64 classic still holds up surprisingly well today as it gives gamers a chance to play every Smash Bros. game on one console thanks to the Wii’s backwards compatibility with GC games.  Whether you are a newbie or a Smash veteran, spending 200 coins for this downloadable game should be a no brainer.  Get it.  And pull out those old GC controllers or Classic Controllers too.  Captain Falcon for life!


Late August and September has taken a new trend for Nintendo by offering classic games as opposed to WiiWare or DSiWare games.  Will this trend of bringing the past alive continue?  Will Sin and Punishment be available next month?  Or will Club Nintendo members have first access to the illusive Yoshi’s Island?  Will Square release Secret of Mana 2 in full English and debut it to Club Nintendo members?  No, probably not, but it is nice to hope and dream isn’t it…?

JUST ANNOUNCED: you can get this sweet Kirby 20th anniversary medal for 600 Club Nintendo Coins.


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