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Finally, Wii U Support –

December 2013 will mark an interesting time for the Club Nintendo program as Wii U Virtual Console titles have been included for the first time.

However, it is actually a little bit confusing because the banner for The Lost Levels on the Club Nintendo website labels this download as a Wii U game but if you read the description it says it is compatible for both Wii and Wii U.

Further, Balloon Fight costs 50 Coins more than The Lost Levels even though The Lost Levels costs more ($6 for the $1 extra import tax while Balloon Fight is only $5). Strange. Either way, it is nice to see Wii U finally become a part of the Club Nintendo program.

Still no 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure though. Maybe next month.


Game #1 – Mario’s Picross (GB, 3DS Virtual Console)

Price – 100 Coins, normally $3.99

Availability – Dec 11, 2013 – Jan 12, 2014

Summary – Reveal pictures in a Sudoku sort of way.

Opinion – Puzzle game fans will surely enjoy this title.

Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – Mario’s Picross was offered free back in late 2012 so you might have already downloaded this game through Club Nintendo. If not, the low cost of 100 coins should make the decision easy if you are a fan of puzzle games.



Game #2 – Starship Defense (DSiWare, 3DS eShop)

Price – 150 Coins, normally $4.99

Availability – Dec 11, 2013 – Jan 12, 2014

Summary – Touch screen tower defense.

Opinion – It is a tower defense game that is unique to DSiWare/eShop but was offered through Club Nintendo before back in March 2013.

Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – As the only exclusive game available this month, this most likely the game you never played or never heard of before. So it could be worth a look.



Game #3 – Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (NES, Wii or Wii U Virtual Console)

Price – 150 Coins, normally 600 Wii Points

Availability – Dec 11, 2013 – Jan 12, 2014

Summary – A direct sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. It is way more difficult and has poison ‘shrooms.

Opinion – Can’t get enough of Mario 1? You should probably check this out and prove to Japan that American gamers are up for a challenge.

Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – If you never had the chance to play Super Mario Bros. 2 on any of the Mario compilations over the years then should probably experience this piece of gaming history.



Game #4 – Balloon Fight (NES, Wii U Virtual Console)

Price – 200 Coins, normally $4.99

Availability – Dec 11, 2013 – Jan 12, 2014

Summary – It is Joust but with balloons.

Opinion – Balloon Fight features great co-op play and Balloon Trip is a blast.

Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – Balloon Fight is a great game but the higher cost of 200 coins might make some hesitate on redeeming this download.


For more information about Club Nintendo click HERE.


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