BLOG – Check out this Super Mario toy from 1989

I was cleaning my closet when I found this super old Super Mario toy in a box. Totally forgot I had this thing. Made by Applause in 1989, this figure is a beaut! Just look at this thing.

I actually obtained this rare and obscure toy during the N64 era. Back then, I had a friend who lived a couple blocks away and we would play N64 games like GoldenEye, Diddy Kong Racing, and Snowboard Kids after school every other day. I can’t recall exactly but I think I either won this toy from him from a bet, like who could beat who in deathmatch in GoldenEye 007. Or, it was used as payment for unlocking cheats in GoldenEye. Back in the day, I was able to unlock Invincibility in GoldenEye without GameShark, the legit way, and used it to my advantage by having friends pay me to unlock it. Either way, I got this Mario toy from him, just found it in my closet, and wanted to make a quick video about it because, man, just look at this thing. How special is this!?

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