BLOG – Pre 2011 Black Friday Deals Found

Like all Americans, I am excited about Black Friday and scoring some sweet deals. However, Xmas came early for me this year as I found some sweet clearance deals at my local Target today.

I doubt most gamers would get excited about finding Konami’s New International Track & Field on DS for $4.48, but hey, you can play as Snake.  Since the DS is on its way out, I figured “eh, what the hell.”  Also, this game has gotten some pretty decent reviews; I am actually looking forward to it.

This “why the hell not” attitude also struck me in the face when I saw 3DS Nintendogs + Cats in the bin for $11.98.  Yeah, I am not so sure if this would necessarily qualify as a deal, but I figure this game still sells for full price at Gamestop and everywhere else, so if I need to trade it in, I should be able to get most, if not all, of my money back.  Plus now I can add some extra Nintendo coins to my Club Nintendo account.

Clearance Bin Deals

Finally, the updated Move version of Heavy Rain was available for $14.98.  Now, many stores will actually have this title on sale for $15 on Black Friday this year, but I figure I would pick it up now in case I don’t feel like fighting the crowds come Friday.

Now the big question is, when will I actually have the time to play these B-List games when I am overwhelmed with all the quality titles this holiday season.  I still need to pick up Skyward Sword.

Decisions decisions…

And I am looking forward to the XBL and PSN Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. My microsoft points are waiting to be spent.

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