Blitz Breaker (Xbox One) Review with stream

Blitz Breaker is the latest in the challenging 2D platforming genre and plays similarly to any of those titles you played before. However, there is one aspect that separates Blitz Breaker from most – the simplified control scheme.

Although the player can perform a low hop by pressing the jump button, this is one platformer not focused on jumping. Instead, flicking the analog stick in one of the four main directions causes the playable character to move in that direction until a wall or obstacle forces a hard stop.  In fact, when contact is made with a wall, the player doesn’t simply stop or fall but rather bounces. It is this slight ricochet that also comes into play as the player needs to compensate this motion as it determines when the next move can be made.  Since the majority of the platforming is done with these taps of the D-pad (or single direction analog stick flicks), gameplay is more approachable and actually becomes rhythmic.

The easy-to-use play control is also reflective of the level design. While some stages require more trial and error than others, each stage can be finished in a short amount of time so if you die, which will definitely happen, it is no biggie. Besides giving the player that “I know I can do better” incentive, replay value increases from unlockable characters and being able to play with a few different screen borders.  The 2D pixel art is also conducive for this style of game and the soundtrack also works with the quick gameplay.  It is also worth mentioning there are some big Achievements that can be easily earned so hunters might want to take note.

Is Blitz Breaker the next best platformer? Of course not but the low cost and approachable design makes it one of the better recently released ones.

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SCORE: 7/10

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz
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