Big Bang Pro Wrestling (Switch) Review

Big Bang Pro Wrestling is the latest Neogeo Pocket Color game to be re-released digitally on the Switch eShop.  To this point, I have covered every NGPC re-release, including the Steam version of the of Vol.1 compilation, and have to say that this wrestling title is my least favorite of the current titles available.  At the same time, it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily a bad game, just one for a more niche audience.

The NGPC has some excellent fighting games which is made more impressive due to the limited two-button structure of the hardware. Unfortunately, Big Bang doesn’t retain the same level of finesse and fluidity than its fighting game brethren.  Sure, there is a basic attack, an option to bounce off the ropes, and a move to pin your opponent when laying on the mat, but can’t help but feel it is a waste that an entire button is used for taunting.

Character sprites are large and their walk-in theatrics gets old after a couple matches but this is a wrestling game after all and wouldn’t be the same without these needless flourishes. There is even an opportunity to stun the referee and fight outside the ring. 

There are a few different modes but each one features fiercely competitive AI that is not afraid to show no mercy.  In fact, some matches I wasn’t able to land a single blow let alone win even when stacking the main menu options in the player’s favor.  The roster isn’t as large as other fighting games on the system but two characters are unlockable. Funny thing is, these secret characters are spoiled by reading the included digital instruction manual although it isn’t explained how they are unlocked. It is also unfortunate and a little annoying that there is no way to quit a match once one is started.

Big Bang Pro Wrestling is outfitted with the same, user-friendly emulation features found in all the other NGPC re-releases including numerous border options, zooming of the screen, and rewind features. Even with the quality emulation, this is one title that isn’t for everyone but fans of wrestling games should keep their eye on this obscure and forgotten handheld title. It is definitely not my favorite NGPC title but still glad it has been made easily accessible on the Switch eShop. 

SCORE: 6.5/10

Not As Good As: the other NGPC titles made available on Switch

Better Than: some GBC wrestling games

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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