Betomis (XSX) Review with stream

A 2D retro platformer, Betomis is another low-cost EastAsiaSoft title loaded with easy, big-point Achievements that hunters will want to note.

Playing as a knight, it is your job to double jump your way through (mostly) single-screen stages that only take a few seconds to clear. Death comes easy but thanks to instant restarts and bite-sized stages, this die-and-try gameplay never gets annoying or overly difficult. Also, the control is responsive, so each restart is always the player’s fault.

Besides avoiding hazards, every stage has the player collecting a key to unlock the stage ending door. Along the way, an ax will probably need to be collected to defeat those pesky piranha plants with a strange attack pattern. Just keep in mind, the blade attack is very short so you’ll need to get dangerously close to thin the herd. The goal is to simply reach the stage-ending doors after grabbing the key. There are no unlockables. No extra abilities. No secrets. Just get to the end and move onto the next which puts a limit on replayability and depth.

The presentation is simple yet effective, providing a strong retro vibe. The pixelated sprites contain charm although you’ll mostly be navigating the same dimly lit hallways and fighting the same enemies throughout the brief campaign.  Unfortunately, the soundtrack is awful. The short ambient loop only annoys instead of entertains and should be deactivated from the menu after the first handful of stages are cleared.

Betomis is a perfectly fine, average, simple, basic platformer that provides an easy hour of entertainment. The icing on the cake, however, are the big point Achievements that become unlocked through natural play. For $5, this is a no brainer for Achievement hunters to earn a quick and painless 2,000 gamerscore. Yes, 2,000, not 1,000. Many EastAsiaSoft titles have been patched recently to support double the amount of Gamerscore potential. 

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SCORE: 5/10

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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