Beat Me! (Xbox One) Review

Beat Me!, developed by the small studio at Red Limb Studio, is easily described as a poor’s man Smash Bros. Even if the ragdoll fighting physics were fun and balanced, players cannot compete against other players because there are literally zero players in the online lobby.

From a 2D perspective, players select a stereotypical fantasy character with unique strengths and weaknesses and button mash each other until there is only one left standing. The floaty play control is always frustratingly inaccurate and it seem like there is a delay when the button is pressed to the action that is supposed to be performed.  From the couple games I did manage to play with other human players, the overall balance seems off.  The golem character seems to destroy everyone with his tank-like structure whereas the archer seems weak against all.  Blocking also doesn’t make much sense as it still causes damage.  There are also weird housekeeping issues too, like not being able to use the d-pad in the main menu or navigating out of sequence button presses when trying to find a match.

The game was designed with multiplayer in mind but there is a solo option where the player is stacked against bots in a horde mode. Here, AI enemies will get stuck on walls or mindlessly fall down holes while trying to relentlessly hunt you down by shooting from off screen.  Like the multiplayer mode, it isn’t very fun.

Beat Me! might offer about 10 minutes of casual fun if you happen to have a few local friends willing to give it a shot.  The trailer for the game makes it seem like a wacky multiplayer outing but unfortunately this is not the case as no one else is playing. You cannot play a multiplayer only game without other players.

Also available on Nintendo Switch.

SCORE: 4/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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