Over 20 Gameboy games have special Super Gameboy functionality that allowed for multiplayer gaming by only needing one cartridge. Many were exclusive to Japan.

Normally, 2 Gameboys, 2 copies of a compatible game, and 1 link cable are needed for two-player multiplayer.

However, all the games featured in this video support 2-4 players by only needing a single Gameboy cartridge and a Super Gameboy used in a Super Nintendo. Obviously extra controllers are needed too. But it beats going through the chore of tethering systems with a link cable. A few games actually support the SNES MultiTap accessory to allow for 4 player simultaneous play!

And as an FYI, this is only available on the Super Gameboy. The Gamecube’s Gameboy Player (GBP) does not contain Super Gameboy functionality.

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