Alive Paint (PS4) Review with stream

Alive Paint is a simple digital coloring book targeted more toward younger players, but Trophy hunters will definitely want to take note. If you watch my stream embedded in this article, I was able to snag the Platinum trophy in approximately ten minutes without any challenge; literally just button mash your way to unlocking all the trophies.  

Besides easily padding your digital Trophy wall, Alive Paint is a very casual and simple experience. Using the analog stick as a cursor, the player can select a color from the side of the screen then tap once to automatically fill in that portion of the digital coloring book. It is essentially using the Paint Can tool in Photoshop until all the white space has been filled. Then the player is rewarded with a three second animation of the thing you just colored, and then the next digital page loads. There is no paint brush or pencil too – only the paint can so there is no requirement for detail.  

There have been many of these digital color books released over the last couple years, especially on Switch, but at least Alive Paint has some options like adjusting the cursor speed which makes a big difference. The soundtrack, while not varied, is pleasant and easy going just like the gameplay. Seems like a missed opportunity that a 2-player co-op feature wasn’t included but since it only takes a few seconds to fill each picture with color, it isn’t a fault by any means. 

Barely considered a game, more like an app, Alive Paint offers a casual but highly limited experience. However, it only costs five bucks and perhaps the youngster in your house will get a short burst of entertainment from it after you easily sniped all the Trophies. 

SCORE: 4.5/10

Not As Good As: those co-op digital jigsaw puzzle simulators 

Not As Gameified As: Mario Paint 

Wait For It: Hidden In Time 2 

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

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