VIDEOCAST – Shadow of the Colossus Part 1 (Colossi 1+2)

Picked up Shadow of the Colossus on launch day, Feb 6 2018, and took out the first two Colossi in my part 1 play-through. My goal is to stream my entire play through of this enhanced remake but we will see how it goes.

I originally finished SotC on PS2 when it launched years ago and even picked up the Ico and SotC HD collection on PS3. I finished Ico on the Collection but didn’t complete Shadow. However, with this gorgeous port now on PS4, I can’t resist playing it again.

My play throughs are not speed runs by any means and I have no intention on skipping a cut scene. This Part 1 attempt is me getting used to the updated controls and re-learning the gameplay mechanics.

Enjoy the stream and let me know your feedback.

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